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Do your staff cross sell? If not, they should be.


It is one of the easiest ways to increase the number of additional services that are sold each day. Because you already have a good relationship with most of your customers you will know more about them, which translates into a more proactive approach to introducing new or additional services.

Here is the bad news - most people don’t know how to cross sell effectively and there are not many out there who know how to coach or demonstrate cross selling either.

Much of this process starts with one very important element - listening effectively. As your customers are probably telling you what they need or at least pointing you towards opportunities to introduce a new or useful service that you can provide.

If you think about it, we are exposed to cross selling every day. When you buy your lunch or eat at a restaurant, the person who takes your order asks would you like a drink with that, or what side orders will you have with that?


You offer other related products to give your customers the need to spend a little more on a service that will be of benefit to them.

Recent studies have shown most of our customers would like to be informed of additional services that would benefit them. In fact customers recognise the value you put in your business as well as in the kind of customer service you offer when you try hard and show an interest in their needs.


But when cross selling, you must remember that what you are offering should relate to the purchase your customer is making/made or an additional need they drew your attention to during the natural course of your conversation. Cross selling requires practice, but it is a skill that can easily be mastered. Ensure that you schedule time for your staff to practice their cross selling skills, and be sure to offer constructive feedback and support. You must focus on your customers' needs when you are cross selling. Don't try to sell products they simply don't need.

Ensure the product you are cross selling is relevant.

Products you are cross selling must be relevant. To cross sell effectively, offer products that are relevant to the original purchase i.e. if an adult has purchased a fitness membership, what activities do you offer that may interest their children - swimming lessons, classes, sports coaching?

Always remember never to cross sell too many products at once.

Cross selling can be easy. However many staff fail to ask the customer what they want or even worse listen to what the customer needs. This means all too often the failure to identify potential products or services that may be of added value.


To really build a culture within your operation that embraces cross selling, it is critically important that everyone in the organisation buys in. This comes with good product knowledge and coaching, which gives staff the confidence to feel they are doing something beneficial for the organisation in which they work but even more so the customer they are looking after.

Remember though it is vitally important that you listen to your customers, you'll have a much easier time identifying the products or services that they need.


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